Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Fantasy short story set in Victorian England....

Perusing NetGalley yesterday I came across the third title in Dana Cameron's Fangborn series, Hellbender. I'm entirely unfamiliar with this series, but at this time there are two short stories available on Amazon in the Kindle Unlimited program.

The Curious Case of Miss Amelia Vernet is Sherlock Holmes pastiche. Miss Vernet is Holmes' 16 year old cousin, no less! Like all Conan Doyle admirers, I was both drawn to the story and a little hesitant. Some Sherlock Holmes pastiche is better left unread. This is definitely not the case here! I loved this story.
Even a brief outline would reveal too much of this 49 page story, but I will say that it does include a full cast of well-known Holmes characters and is a complete tale. I can almost believe Conan Doyle wrote it himself. 
I found the story very entertaining. I would read a full series of Fangborn books or stories set in the Holmes world,  but this is the only one at present. The full length novels are set in present times.

There is another short story set in 13th century England, The Serpent's Tale.

I look forward to reading the entire Fangborn series.